General Discussion

A place where people can discuss lying and cheating in close relationships. Feel free to post general questions about lying, deception, love and romance.
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LoveYourself 15 hours 43 minutes ago

Discovering the Truth

How to detect lying and cheating in romantic relationships. Discussion, tips and advice for detecting infidelity and deception.
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anomaly1978 4 days 8 hours ago

Infidelity and Cheating

A place to share information about infidelity and extra-marital affairs.
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Kissymissy21 1 hour 36 minutes ago

Recovery and Support

Discussion on rebuilding trust, surviving infidelity, and repairing a relationship. A place to ask questions, offer advice, and give support.
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Taffy 3 weeks 6 days ago

Dealing With a Compulsive Liar

A place for people who are involved with a compulsive liar to share their experiences, provide support, and seek advice.
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Unicorn 1 day 20 hours ago

Discussion on Attachment

Many people come to this site to deal with a specific problem, but are really dealing with an underlying attachment related issue. See Truth About Attachment for more information.
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Utopiabound 2 days 10 hours ago
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