Was my doctor hitting on me?

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Was my doctor hitting on me? was created by JasmineL

I was having some problems with headaches that my doctor thought could be neck related. I said my old physical therapist said there might be something wrong with my T3 vertebrae. (I meant to say C3 but I told him T3 by accident).

He went to examine me but didn't say anything about the exam before doing so. He went behind me (to the side) as I was sitting and moved my long hair off my back, sweeping it over one shoulder. Then he sort of massaged both sides of my shoulder blades. He did this for about 15-20 seconds in silence. I don't even know what he would be looking for or if this represented an examination of the T3. All he said was that I had good posture, and then he told me an exercise I could do.

By the way, he was touching my bare skin because my top had a bit of a low back to it (it was summer and normally my hair would cover my back). Maybe he just felt comfortable with me because I have known him for some time? However, there has been a bit of a flirty vibe from him in general (being touchy-feely, squeezing my shoulder, giving me compliments, telling me he enjoys my company, that I'm a nice person, lots of eye contact, etc.).

This doctor is my PCP (GP). I have NO way of knowing whether this was a legitimate exam or if he was actually HITTING on me! The other things he's done (giving me hugs and compliments) have added to my confusion. Your thoughts?! I especially welcome feedback from medical professionals.
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