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Help! Cheating boyfriend was created by chissyxxox

Hello all! I need help ASAP! One day my boyfriend and I made him a tinder account as a joke. I said he can log on with me there and we can just laugh and crack jokes. This got out of hand when he started texting girls online and starting going on the application by himself.  At this point I made it clear I didn’t want him on the application at all.Few weeks after he made different accounts ... on different dating websites. He repeated this cycle 3 times I caught him and was firm and told him not to do it again cause I thought it was MY FAULT.He told me that he messaged those girls online bc I couldn’t see him often enough ( I used to see him almost every day , or at least 5 Times a week). Or he blamed his friend and got high. Now here is where my story gets interesting. I broke his phone by accident and lent him my phone. A few weeks later I get my phone back from him and see that he HID a texting application. I look in and see that he has been messaging multiple escorts and sent them a nude and tried to ask them for pictures. He told me this was all curiosity and he wasn’t going to do anything but the nude picture proved other wise. I broke up with him and he tried everything to get back with me. His mother eventually kept texting me everyday and cried to me ect.I decided to give him another chance. I did so and he 3 days after he followed and accepted follow requests on Instagram from random girls.  He toldMe he has changed.. what should I do? Another chance ? Ps he still lies about random things occasionally. Not to mention he was staring at a naked women on his phone during one of our intimate moments. I feel that now I have a lot of anger and resentment towards him and I need more attention from him to make me feel more secure. He does not do that and when I suggest he should he makes a big deal and doesn’t complyPlease tell me what’s wrong with him. And suggest what I shud do next. 
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Replied by sal9396 on topic Help! Cheating boyfriend

Run, don't walk. Break up with him again and block his mother from contacting you. This guy is not boyfriend material. I would suggest, in the future, that setting up your boyfriend with a Tinder account might not be the best move.
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Replied by Betrayed Wife on topic Help! Cheating boyfriend

Someone used to post here something like, if someone shows you who they are...BELIEVE THEM. There are no "excuses". If he doesn't see you often enough, it's not reason to go flirting and sexting other girls. You gave him another chance and he BLEW IT. To top it off, he can't be with you in an intimate moment without looking at these pics. Ick! He has more than proven what he is. There is NO REASON to think he will ever quit this behavior. He continues it on your own phone. It's also often said that a good predictor of a person's future behavior is their past behavior. He does not have a good track record. What's wrong with him? He's selfish and immature (and from the looks of it a mamma's boy). What should you do? Walk away and don't look back.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness -- ancient proverb.
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