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Infidelity Aftermath... was created by ashlrose3

Hello all. First, I’m sorry we’re here but I’m glad to connect with those who actually understand the devastation cheating can cause... 

loooong story short, my boyfriend of 8 years cheated on me last summer. I didn’t know. He says it was one time... we had some troubles around the time it happened. I moved out temporarily for a breather. We got back together. Had some troubles, but regained strength. Maybe 6 months into our “new” chapter, I get a weird feeling about this friend. After interrogating him and catching him in a lie, I find out he slept with her while we had troubles last year. I was furious, but more about the lying than the cheating. So. We end up going to couples therapy and honestly everything’s been pretty good. Where it gets weird is... he has this friend who’s a female. It doesn’t bother me generally. Well, around the time I found out about the cheating, I had gone through his phone and found messages from this female friend, basically saying the girl he cheated on me with was great, and that I wasn’t. I confronted my boyfriend about this and he agreed it was wrong of her to do so. We stopped seeing her (it wasn’t often anyways) and that was that. Well the other day I felt something was off, and I knew she had a get together planned. I haven’t gone through his phone or messages since the cheating (I believe it’s wrong if you trust someone and I admit I had a weak moment, I’m still recovering.) so I see this message where he says to the female friend “I’d like to talk, when isa good time for you?” And no response (not sure if they actually talked, I was away when this message was sent).  I am wrecked... I can’t imagine what he could possibly say to her. He’s said he won’t keep in contact but now he’s reaching out... when things have been good. How do I bring this up? I’m at such a loss. Thank you in advance..
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