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betrayal was created by pissedoff54

I have been with my husband for almost 30 years. Five years ago he went on a trip with his bro to Jamaica. He had an affair with a 
Jamaican woman. I had a gut feeling he was cheating on me there from a phone call we had before he came back. 
The affair continued for 6 months before he admitted it, although I kept questioning, but he kept lying.  He even asked me for a divorce and still wouldn't admit to the affair.
The night he admitted it, I wrote him a 5 page letter while he was a work. I left the letter it on his key board. He admitted it after he read it.  Although, he told me it was my fault for having the affair.
I asked a lot of questioned and he lied about most of them. Especially about the money he sent her, but I found out because the truth always comes out eventually.
After admitting it, he swore he would end it. But it continued for a few more months after that. She even sent me an email telling me to commit suicide because it would be better for everyone. He bought another phone to hide his communication with her. But all the while, telling me that he loved me. Funny how love works hey.
Eventually it ended and I gave him another chance
The sad part is he started cheating on me again although, I dont know how long this one has been actually going on. Every time I ask him about things he gaslights me. I have a pocket dial with them having an intimate conversation on it but, he tells me I a crazy and I am imagining what I am hearing. I went to see my doctor and let her listen to the recording. She heard every thing that I heard. When we fight about the pocket dial, he still says I am crazy, I remind him what my doctor said and then his come back is your doctor is crazy too. He says he wont admit to anything.
I am on my way out and I am sorry I never walked away the first time.  

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Replied by Betrayed Wife on topic betrayal

He asked for a divorce. I'd take him up on it. It often happens that a spouse will deny, deny, deny even in the face of irrefutable evidence. The second issue is that the spouse turns it around and blames the spouse for their cheating. Plus your husband seems to be imbedded in a pattern of cheating. If he's had two affairs (that you know about), won't admit it, and blames you, you have nowhere to go and nothing to work with.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness -- ancient proverb.
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