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Would you be suspicious? was created by So confused

Hi Everyone,
Been with my partner over 3 years...we are suppose to be partners for the rest of our lives..I'm  involved with the business.  Love the guy,  many wonderful traits. A type personality, owns his business, high risk job and a risk taker...raced, always pushes the limit...that type.
*Here are a few odd things I've noticed he restricts who sees my posts we are tagged in.
* Turns off notifications for Facebook and messenger at different  times, has secret conversations set up, 
*Erasing messages with females on Messenger,  especially  a young lady we are both friends with who is 22 years younger....his last relationship he was with someone who was 13 years younger.
*found that he has burner lines attached to his phone.. a number kept coming up on the phone bill...but checked it out ..it is a non existent number...but call it and put in password...its his messages.just found that..but had them for 2 years now.
I confronted him he said it had to be an incoming call or spam.
*Times of where he doesn't  want to talk to me, doesn't want sex,  or most of the time when he's drunk. (Lately if I initiate sex he was say,,BACK OFF JACK)major ogling of females when we are out, like the stare..If I did that he bust a nut.
* Extremely possessive of his phone, and on it for hours in the morning and the evening...many times changing what he is on when I come into room, if we are sitting by each other, turns phone to side so I don't see what hes on, then turns it so I can see some everyday facebook page. Can get on his phone at night, don't find much, has it all tucked away..has 2 calculator apps, ...think one is a hidden app and  messages  erased. 
*2 summers ago, around the time of the extra phone #, distant, major ogling, bring it up and would rage...would say..Better watch it, or I'll trade you in for a newer model...told me "it's a joke", NOT, rude anyway but it was the tone of his voice.
*If we are out together and he is really interested  in a female, it's like I don't exist, sometimes move away from me or positions  body away when talking to me.
*Weekends we always go out together, but with his business, he can come and go as he pleases...some blatant lies and half truth on his where abouts. 
*ways nervous if it's a phone call with no name...like just numbers.
* Says he loves me, says he's  not that guy to do that kind of thing. So confused....could use some inside please.
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Replied by Betrayed Wife on topic Would you be suspicious?

Too many red flags and a general disrespect of you. Life's too short. All cheaters insist they love you. They insist you are the bad one when they give you reason for suspicion. They all claim "never". I would never do that. I never did anything wrong (even though I'm hiding my phone activity and acting suspiciously and giving you every reason to doubt me). Life's too short to put up with this crap.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness -- ancient proverb.
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