Is he a psychopath?

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Replied by felisicia_p on topic Is he a psychopath?

I moved across the country to develop our relationship, and have spent years in what I thought was something meaningful. He made me feel like I was beggining to be integrated into his family, and we talked often about future plans.

His email was left open to a conversation between him and the female he most recently has been continuing a sexual relationship with. I went through the rest. Then confronted him. One day, we're as close as family, and then the next day he has a compete disinterest in my emotional and physical well being.

Lack of sleep has given me a lot of time to think, and the possibility that the man that I loved very much may have some form of borderline personality disorder makes me feel a little bit better. I know that sounds strange, that that conclusion would comfort me, but it's the closest thing to closure and the closest thing to an explanation i'm going to get, and I think it's very possible. He is a habitual liar and cheater and has virtually no empathy. He is a taker, never a giver, and was emotionally abusive. But I still really loved him.

I appreciate message boards like this because I'm sure many women and men that visit this site understand the emotional devastation that comes with being betrayed on such a level, and that doesn't make me feel so uterly alone.

The main reason for my post is because I just didn't understand how he didn't develop any type of emotional attachment to me after everything we went through.. I'm just having a hard time with that. I was his "favorite toy". And I guess he's realized he's broken it and is getting more use out of his other ones now.

Thanks you have no idea how much I appreciate the honest insight and feedback.
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Replied by Betrayed Wife on topic Is he a psychopath?

If he has a personality disorder he needs to get professional help. Otherwise, there's no hope he'll ever change.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness -- ancient proverb.
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Replied by spicegirl on topic Is he a psychopath?

Yes, there are people that really just dont care who they hurt or how badly they hurt them, as long as they get what they want.

Thank your lucky stars hes out of your life and in hers. She will get what she has fact, both will. Karma is a beautiful thing!
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Replied by Justout on topic Is he a psychopath?

I feel your pain because I have gone and still am going through a VERY similar situation. 3 yrs into a relationship where he's cheated all along, although I only found out after the 1st yr. I'm still with him in a way, not as before because now we have separate lives but we still see each other sometimes, have sex sometimes, msg, etc, I still go after him and miss him and think about him all the time! Crazy how he's the liar, the cheater, the heartless psychopath, but I'm the one who keeps going after him.
I read some very valuable advice on here, try to reflect on what's been said because ppl like those "partners" of ours DO NOT CHANGE, it's a waste of our time, health, energy, a waste of our precious life!
I really wish you can recover and move on faster than me.
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