Wife, Denies Cheating While Over Seas

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Wife, Denies Cheating While Over Seas was created by sherwoo1

Last 12 months ago+/-,Wife started asking lots of questions about where and what i was doing,then started looking at my cellphone bills.This entire time keeping her cellphone within inches of herself,stepping away to talk, text,(uses 3 international Apps,plus has 3+ e mail accounts). Multiple times asked me if I was seeing other people for sex.She disconnected calls as I came near,or shortened them quickly,COMPUTER click screens closed many times. (we work together in very large room at home,when I would leave to run an errand and return same thing .In the mornings she would be up very early on computer,or cell phone. Made a trip to Serbia to bury her ex husband (whom I cared for greatly). Second trip to settle affairs,third trip I was free to travel,she suggested she would be very busy on this trip? First night we left FaceTime on All night and slept together in a way. Second night, she was aloof, we have Playtime live anytime we travel apart (not very often do we travel separately),She totally faked orgasm,kept screen towards her upper body under the sheets after fake (O).It was 2am . She laid back under the sheets,bed seemed to move,I was very alert but played sleepy,after a little while not long she started moving in a way that she was being carresed,her hand away from sreen out of sight,was moving but where you would think,she fell into what she was feeling,started rubbing her breast was defintaly aroused,after 10 15 minutes rolled onto her side away from screen,after few minutes she said my name (i gave no response) She then asked if I was awake,I did not respond, she played asllep ,after no response,she tapped her fingers on her shoulder like touching the power button, imediantly screen went dead. I called back imediantly auto redial 25 times nothing. Next morning i called her early,she answered Facetime said, wait a minute she had no light,I said turn the lamp on beside computer,she kept moving out of Condo bedroom. She set the computer down on a table facing away from bedroom,acted exstremly nervous moving around like what should she be doing thing. I waited asked her set a chair in front of only exit door for saftey,then had her move laptop and place it on chair. She started to brush her hair in living room,(not normal) ,looking back at bedroom a few times.Started to make a cup of coffee,walked straight to laptop to cut it off,I said stop,Oh I thought you were asleep. (duh) Told her to take a shower,I can see bathroom,fastest shower ever! Paced the floor,eased into bedroom,I got the picture that previous night! She came out paced the floor very nervous,went back into bedroom, so I called her phone she picked it up,asked her to leave it on. When she left the room I could hear movement.,came out paced a little picked up lap top turned around (I could not anything but her and wall) Asked her to put it back,hesitated a minute,then put it back different angle,Tapped her cup,cell phone in bedroom died,hmmm. Kept moving around in a circle for couple minutes, Guess what laptop died. Same thing called both devices,20 times each,Laptop on wifi, phone on cell tower, nothing. Sent a note wifi died! (cell didnt) She did not call back untill later in day. Next trip 45 days later I went,Condo has 2 wifis,never lost cell or wifi,visited some of her friends they were nervous (had not said a thing) Went for a long walk she mentioned she had lunch with ex,close to condo while their. Returned to US,got busy on laptop phone,saw where she got Exs phone number,read messages from friends giggking about her not being free night all this happened. Dug deeper uses A long list of Apps to talk to people in Serbia. Asked to talk with her in our hometown,got to subject,said she would never do someting like sleeping with any one,jogged around on subject,came back to it,, told her I absolutly did not beleave her,hoping she would come clean,no luck.I moved out to my other home,doesnt seem to boter her at all. I stop by to work some,do my work leave,she does not call,and neither do I.Im pleasnant BUT SURE OF WHAT I SAW! So how about some advice out their? Do I want to stay,not to interested after stress I put myself throuh, Would like her to come clean? If so I can work on repairing,but 3 days later nothing. THIS IS IMPORTANT WE HAVE A OPEN RELATIONSHIP IF WE DISCUSS IT . I think it was emotional thing,and maybe some kind of revenge for what I have no clue, I have been a great husband support her 80% of finacing,take her kids to school,what a waste,.But sure she slept with Ex,and is in contact,her friends have been advised,private chats,which I cant recover. Feel used,abused,and heartbroke, SORRY FOR LONG BLOG!! But their is more than I can put in here! sherwoo1
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