He cheated on me with Peru ladies.

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He cheated on me with Peru ladies. was created by brokenAF23

I thought long distance relationship will make our love stronger, but it didn’t. It only broke me slowly into pieces. When my boyfriend was acting cold, I thought it was just for a show. He used to do that when I’m busy at work and seldom pays attention to him. I was wrong. When he stood three days without communicating with me, I know in my heart that there was something wrong. I ignored the idea though. I just thought he was mad at me. He really was but he had another activity going on. One of our common friends told me he saw my boyfriend with different Peru ladies in the club, malls or restaurants. I broke up with him then. I did not need to hear any explanation coming from him since it’s as clear as crystal that he wanted the same thing too. I always doubted my worth since then. Until now, I can’t accept the fact that he was able to throw away our almost 4 years ride. I always found myself crying every night. I needed an explanation but I don’t want to look desperate in front of him. Is there anything else I can do to ease the pain?
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Replied by LoveYourself on topic He cheated on me with Peru ladies.

I understand your need for closure but you have to realize that its not you this is HIS issue! This is who he is! He will cheat on every woman he is with so don't take it personal and there are no answer's to be had, he wants to fool around with different woman.

Don't take this as something to do with you as a person because it doesn't.

Maybe some counseling would help. Go out with your friends, keep yourself busy you will heal from this in time. Be confident in yourself because HE is the one missing out NOT you!
If your going to love someone you have to love all of them, the good, the bad, and even the ugly!
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Replied by Betrayed Wife on topic He cheated on me with Peru ladies.

LoveYourself makes some very good points. He's a player. Why a player wants to have a girlfriend while continuing his playing ways is beyond me. But don't let his behavior make you think less of yourself. No one's value is determined by another person's actions. I've gotten to the point in life that I don't need anyone else to validate me. If someone treats me bad, it's on them, not on me. If he cheated on you, it's not because of any shortcoming on your part, although cheaters always find some fault in their partner to shift blame and excuse their behavior. Since your self worth has taken a blow, spend some time with people who will help lift you up. Stay away from anyone (family, friends) who make you feel belittled in any way. Go out and find new friends if you have to. But concentrate in yourself. Join a club or volunteer at some place that makes you feel good about yourself. You'll meet people with common interests and values. The more you focus your attention elsewhere, the less real estate he'll be taking up in your head. A guy who acts cold "for a show" (and I really don't get that) is emotionally abusive. You don't need him. Stop letting HIM make YOU feel less of a person. Your self worth is not wrapped up in a selfish cheater. You're better off without him.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness -- ancient proverb.
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