My wife and her Boss

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My wife and her Boss was created by SMC007

Just need some good outsides eyes and opinions here. Ill keep it short.Im not one to be paranoid...but with this one i am. Ive had an illness and my wife and i havent had sex in 3 months. She talks to her boss a lot about personal stuff (including our relationshil). Ive net him a couple times.She has told him sometimes after the fact that theyve been out to lunch a couple of times together during work. She had an office get together and he was there with hus wife and kids but i did notice some bidy langauge that was suspect and she would try touching him when she could. They hung out a few times together outside of work but only twice without the other co workers present. Once to buy a baby gift for a fellow employees daughter and this past time just recently she went biating while i was at work with her coworker, her husband and the boss i suspect (his wife wasnt there). She stayed out late at the bars downtown with him and his friends.Also, she divuldged to me that she knows its been 9 months since him and his wife have slept together and when me and my wife have gotten into fights she has taken bottle of the body wash she bought for me because she knows i dont like it and "she is going to give it to somebody who will use it".What do you guys think? Is this an affair going on or am i just paranood.
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Replied by Infotime on topic My wife and her Boss

Well, I don't know your wife and I don't know you but if I was in your position I might be a little suspicious of a too- close -kind of relationship with a boss. On the other hand she's being straightforward with you and telling you about him so this isn't entirely a secret thing... So she's being somewhat open with you.

If you're really worried about it you might engage her in a really honest conversation in regard to whether or not she's really attracted to her boss because she may not be attracted to him 
It also sounds like your wife might be a little bit of a game player and she might intentionally be trying to make you aware that the opposite sex finds her attractive.
I'm sorry if this isn't that helpful I just feel like perhaps your wife feels a little neglected by you and she may be using a tactic to get your interest. Maybe???
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