Chronically Ill, found photos that linked to my fiancé’s casual sex accounts.

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Chronically Ill, found photos that linked to my fiancé’s casual sex accounts. was created by Louise42

I cant offer you advice but I know how you are feeling because my husband of 23 years has done exactly the same to me. I found out that he had placed an ad advertising himself as a married man looking for a "friend with benefits". He meet up with 1 girl this way with whom he had a brief affiair with, and has been with 2 escorts. He has flirted with many more women on line so I suspect he has slept with more. I feel betrayed, that my whole marriage has been a lie. My husband is the same and refuses to talk to me about it, although he has admitted to me 1 liason with an escort, but that was only because I had the evidence to prove it. I gave him an ultimatum counselling or divorce, he choose counselling. He was diagnosed with a sex addiction due to his upbringing. He spent his early life in a childrens home, he was looking for sex to boost his self esteem and ego. It had nothing to do with me, everytime he had a bad day, where as some people reach for alcohol or drugs, he pursued sex with different women to make himself feel better. We could of had the perfect marriage, but he still would of done it regardless. It sounds like a similar situation to mine. Ask your bf to seek counselling, and get counselling yourself. If you decide to stay or go its going to be a rough ride. Shout and cry if you have to, but dont blame yourself, its his problem not yours. At the moment im still with my husband, but all the trust has gone. My husband seems to think that aslong as he stays faithful from now on and we start again from scratch like we have just met then we will be ok. I cant forget the last 23 years and the trust has gone. He did try though to make it work after I found out and I do believe he genually loves me. Howeverthings just arent the same anymore and I feel strong  enough to go it alone now though so I am considering my next move to stay and keep trying or to leave. Good luck hun
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