Did she ask about her ex lover?

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Did she ask about her ex lover? was created by diggity11

My wife and I been married 9 years since 2011. She cheated on me before we were married in 2005. I found out and she admitted It happen in 2015. She said it was because I was always gone and wasn’t giving attention and affection. She said it was about 6 months, she didn’t love him but liked him. We worked on it and everything has been great since. 

Yesterday I was walking the dog and my wife was at our neighbors (close friend of hers) house down the street on the front porch visiting. As I turn the corner I seen my wife, her friend the neighbor and a guy talking on the porch. They didn’t see me as I was about 60 seconds away from walking (long street). The guy (he’s married and is the cousin of the guy my wife cheated with and he knows everything and I am sure more than what I was told, wifey know he knows too as They hung out a few times back then, the guy doesn’t know I know and he says hi when I see him ) lives across the street from the neighbor. He Walk over to give my wife’s friend a box of left over baked goods from church. When I turn the corner I seen my wife’s friend walk in the house with a box and my wife had small container of cookies. All 3 was never in the house but on the front porch. My wife and the guy were talking which I started to walk a little faster. When wifey seen me about 25 yards away. She said hey honey can you grab these cookies. The guy back was toward me and right before wife seen me he started to walk across the street then that’s when wife said hey honey. The guy never look back to acknowledge me as he walk off. 
This was an awkward moment as my wife looked nervous and the guy didn’t look back (maybe nervous don what I may think).

Did she ask him how her ex lover was? Or did he just start talking about his cousin? Or just friendly conversation? When I ask my wife she just said he was taking about Coronavirus. 
What do you think- about a 60 sec talk? Wife could had a nervous look due to the situation about the ex lover cousin.
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Replied by sal9396 on topic Did she ask about her ex lover?

While your post is very hard to follow, I am not sure what you want from us. How would anyone know what they talked about? Perhaps just that they know each other through the person she had the affair with made them feel uneasy. But she acted fairly normal when she asked you to grab the box of cookies when she first saw you. You're being a bit paranoid.
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