Compulsive/patholigical liars that is who/ what they are period and nothing more

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Compulsive/patholigical liars that is who/ what they are period and nothing more was created by SteveOD61

            Now before anyone who is one of these tries to slam me for my title, I am not saying this because I just have an opinion about it. I lived it through a seven year marriage. This person lied from the moment her mouth opened even until this day. She has destroyed my familial relationships, and just when i thought it was all over the lying witch has resurfaced.
   This person told my family that I had beat her everyday she and I were together, said I kept her from her family and friends, made her a prisoner in our own home. Wouldnt allow her to get her a drivers license. But the truth being told she had been having physical/ online affairs one year after we had wed until we divorced. The night I found out she had been having affairs I confronted her. She had left a internet window on the computer we both shared, and when I went to shut it down. Thats when i found out.
   She was a 49 year old woman, who had taken a 20 year old womans picture and made an account using that womans pic. Lied about her age, lied about me, I am a musician, used one of my original  tunes and called it her own work so she could impress this poor sap who was being taken advantage of, who happened to live in a foriegn country. I read every e-mail she and he shared between each other, listened to the voice mail they shared also. Very detailed and eloquent, something she never did with me !!! She said I was dead. And that I wasnt effectionate / loving enough with her. Where as i had just written a beautiful love song for her expressing just how much I did care and loved her. I was going to give it to her on valentines day 11 days away. . When I found out livid didnt even cover one smidg of  how angry I was with her. Everyone of our family and friends she would lament " He's the best thing that ever happened to me". And when watching movies containing infidelity , she would say to me " I promise you , I would never do anything like that to you because thats what you have experienced in your past". These people cannnot tell the truth. If they are caught they will undermine your relati0nships with everyone you know, they will tell horrific lies about you to family, friends and anyone who will give them an ear. They will show up years later and start the whole process again.
       Her and I made an agreement and I tried to reconcile with her, but it just wasnt the same anymore. I couldnt bear to feel her touch me. I went in and out of anger and multiple feelings all the time. And when I saw infidelity being portrayed in movies, or videos, I had to leave the room. I couldnt handle it emotionally. She went to counseling because that was part of our agreement, and she was so good at lying and playing the victim that the therapist bought into her BS. Then I was brought into a session once and the therapist attacked me, said that I was to blame for her infidelity, that I had been having affairs, and that why was I so upset because she sought out someone to love her because she felt I didn't. And after all it was only a couple of days or evening right?
   I explained to her therapist that the "online emotional affairs had been going on for more than three months and I had the evidence to prove it" and I did. Well the ex then decided she wasnt going to deal with the truth and tried to leave without upholding her end of our agreement. Surprising right?
      I say this to anyone who finds out that their significant others , spouses, siblings, parents, friends, fellow parishioners, anyone who would outright lie to or about you to your face or others. Cut them out of your lives. At  the final court hearing of our divorce this witch told my lawyer and I quote " Tell him that I have been having affairs since our first anniversary ".  There were signs and symptoms , I just never put 2and 2 together because I trusted her and never thought she would do what she did.    My advice is that if they lie to you once, with the exception of birthday gifts or something along those lines, do not give them anymore precious time of your life. You will come to regret it over and over and over again.       
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