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Advice on husband was created by Luna123

I will try to keep this short as possible. I'm now being affected due to my husband lying constantly.  The problem is he can look me in the eye and lie. Some people can look guilty he doesn't.  I'm in the situation that now I cant believe a word he says. Another woman is not involved.  He lies hes paid Bill's when he hasn't.  I find this out when demands come through the door. He has a buisness which I told him to close down as as far back as I can remember we have struggled. I now have no savings. Any money my family gave me hes borrowed never paid back. Yes we both have a bank account but we put all savings in there for a house he dipped into it too many times that it's now halved. Money I put away for the kids he borrowed never paid back. He borrowed of my family which caused grief as it was months they waited for it back. We borrow for my family all the time never his. We almost got evicted the other month due to him not paying the rent for 3 month. He lied and said he paid it. I sat him down and said tell the truth stop lying we can somehow work it out. If I knew Bill's were not being paid for instance I would phone the companies explain and go to different payment terms for instance. His lies have got us into serious debt and once its paid off he does it again.  I just cant put up with it anymore. He says the people who he done work for have not paid him this is an ongoing thing but it cant go on for 3 years from all different people. I cant remember the last time I bought new clothes I buy everything second hand. I think I live worse than people on benefits.  I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut the first time in years and felt guilty at spending £30. I'm worse off now after 20 years of marriage than when I met him. It's been constant lies and his debt. I told him to get a job 9 -5 and go work for someone he wont. He lies constantly and I am sick. I might sound selfish but I dont deserve this. I hide it from my family. Any advice.
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