Husband of 10 years is now prepping me about his job is taking him out of town

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Husband of 10 years is now prepping me about his job is taking him out of town was created by Nancydrew

I don't trust many men.  I've had 2 of which both have cheated but I can't prove my current one.  He keeps his phone pretty close but he's smart.  I think he has a 2nd phone and of course he's not dumb enough to bring it home.  If it's not a 2nd phone, then it's a tablet or he's doing his "pre-cheating" on his work computer.  I am his 4th wife.  He told me from the beginning that he would never cheat because it hurts too bad and he's a Christian.  right after our marriage, I caught him on Porn.  Some women are ok with this, I am not.  He stated that he'd never do it again.  He is not dumb.  Recently he has began to prep me for going out of town to work.  His best friend is mid 30's and he is early 60's and I think his friend is wanting him to go out of town to work with him because I think his friend might be cheating on his wife too.  My husband is not going to be easy to catch.  He doesn't answer his phone from "Jim" his work buddy while around me.  He talks to him constantly though, as the phone bill reveals.  He will text him numerous times throughout the day yet tells me he has little to no time for tests or phone calls.  I caught my last one through email.  I made up a fake email name and had an online affair with him for a year and when I finally told him about it, of course we split.  He suspected it being me but wasn't sure until we were going to meet and I called it off.  Then he wanted to tell me how wicked I was for doing that to him.  He said he had never cheated on me.  I told him he cheated on me WITH ME!  I'm not a fool when it comes to cheating men but this current one is very cautious.  I know that he is planning on going out of town to work and "have fun."  I'm not beyond showing up wherever he is planning on working but it's expensive.  He hides some of his money, banking, etc.  My stuff if all open yet we keep 2 different banking accounts.  I am on his and he is on mine but I've never in over 10 years, spent a dime of his.  He has anything that is hidden sent to his parents home or his work.  He gets cash out to do all transactions that he doesn't want me to know, all others like gas and groceries he uses his debit card.  He watched how he puts is wallet back in his pants and sees if it's the same way when he looks at it again.  He covers everything.  He's going to be hard to catch.  I've checked out every possible spy programs, gps's. recorders.  He told me if he ever caught himself being recorded by me, that would be it.  I asked him why he cared if he wasn't doing anything and that he could record me anytime he wanted to.  I need suggestions, good suggestions of what or how to catch him.  He is thinking of buying another vehicle so I don't want to go to the trouble of putting a gps on his car at this time.  I would have a very difficult time of getting his phone to put anything on it.  There has to be something.  I think he might be talking to his ex and planning on meeting her in another state in the future.  I think he has been talking to her via work email.  I'll never be able to catch him through that.  I think he wants that one last shot with whomever.  I've also suspected a secretary at work as her partner is gone all the time.  Any suggestions?
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Replied by sal9396 on topic Husband of 10 years is now prepping me about his job is taking him out of town

Wow, you have one unhealthy relationship, regardless of whether he is cheating or not. You are taking suspicion to new, record heights! I suggest therapy, and lots of it. You will never be able to have a happy, healthy relationship with any man with your level of paranoia.
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